In every nation , in every culture there are certain specifics , inimitable customs, traditions . Like every nation , every branch has its own cultural sacred plant , and in every nation are drinking tea dates back otherwise , is associated with cultural practice , and in some areas of the world with the rites and ceremonies .

Herbex company based in Hrašne is a private company founded in . 1991 with the conviction and the decision to produce quality natural teas and contribute to fill the gap in the market for herbal teas and contribute also to the enhancement of perception of the " magic potion " , which is undoubtedly tea . The company was established in order to act as a packer and production of herbal teas . Since its inception, the company has undergone Herbex gradual modernization and automation of production , which contributed to the expansion of the range of products . Currently, the portfolio of its products consist of herbal teas cutting, loose , fruit portioned tea , instant sparkling drinks and instant dia sparkling drinks and is one of the largest Slovak manufacturers in this segment .

Purposeful and systematic work team Herbex company has been awarded several prizes , the most important are :

* Quality management system certificate ISO 9001 approved by Bureau Veritas Quality International

* Award of the Ministry of Economy as the largest exporter of 1999, employing up to 100

The company Herbex thanks to good management , trade policy, and due observance of the highest standards and regulations enforced even beyond our country , such as . in the Czech Republic, Hungary , UAE , however, and orders coming in a direction I export to Lithuania , Ukraine , Germany , and Austria.